Watching This Weed Eater Evaporate Weeds At 62,000 Frames Per Second Is Incredibly Satisfying

If we’re being perfectly honest with each other here and talking like old friends, I’ll admit that I genuinely hate doing yard work. I hate waking up early to beat the heat just to tend to a lawn that’s certain to grow back within days. Weeds are my enemy. I live in Florida and there’s no quit. It’s a 365-day battle to maintain a perfect lawn and it exhausts me. If I wasn’t shamed into maintaining a perfect lawn by my neighbors who all seem to live for yardwork I’d probably just let it all go.

The one and only aspect of lawn maintenance that I love is the feeling of satisfaction I get when I absolutely tear into the overgrowth with the weed whacker and make mincemeat of the pesky weeds living rent-free in my brain year-round. That’s the good stuff. And this video of how weed eaters actually work is more relaxing than Xanax.

YouTuber ‘SmarterEveryDay’ busted out his amazing Panasonic Lumix GH5 4K Digital Camera for this clip and films a weed eater shredding plants at 62,000 frames per second. Obviously, we know how weed eaters work on a macro level. The plastic spins incredibly fast and cuts the weeds to pieces. But to see this all in action at 62,000 frames per second is surely a sight that none of us have ever seen until now.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, this video is nineteen minutes long. I’ve started this clip after the 6-minute mark so we can jump straight to the good stuff. Later on in the clip, the weed eater actually breaks a fence if you want to skip ahead to that as well.

This almost makes me want to fire up the weed eater today but the ‘feels like’ temperature was already 90+ degrees when I woke up this morning. The thought of voluntarily doing yardwork in this weather might be too much. Instead, maybe I’ll start the day by pouring a drink.

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