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Why Plex Is The Ultimate Cure For Streaming Boredom (Hint: FREE Live TV And On-Demand Movies)

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It’s Thursday night. The boys are all together. Football just finished and now you’re stuck watching the same highlights over and over…

It’s a pivotal moment in every kickback with the guys.

Now, you could all go your separate ways and tuck in early for some extra shut-eye, but come on — that wasn’t even a consideration back in the day.

Or… you could grab another round and throw something else on Brad’s 72″ TV and enjoy each other’s company, just like how Thursday nights went down back in the college.

With so many streaming options, it’s just a matter of what to watch…

This is exactly where Plex comes in – the cure for media streaming boredom.

With nearly 200 FREE Live TV channels and ~40,000 FREE on-demand movies, Plex is the perfect media streaming service for movie night with the guys or, really, any causal viewing experience. And when they say free, they actually mean FREE. No tricky auto-subscriptions. No credit card information is required. In fact, you don’t even have to sign-up, just install Plex on any device and start enjoying all the free content.



What is Plex?

Plex is a globally available one-stop shop for FREE on-demand movies & shows AND FREE Live TV. Compatible with almost any device, you can stream for free anytime, anywhere. No subscription needed, not even a sign-up either. They’re also the only streaming service that lets users manage their personal media libraries alongside a continuously growing library of free third-party entertainment.

With so many on-demand titles and Live TV channels, there’s bound to be something all the guys want to watch.

Oh and did I mention… it’s FREE?!

Watch Free Live TV on Any Device

Some of my best childhood memories revolve around staying up late to watch adult cartoons. Back then, it was the appeal of watching mature programming that made it difficult to sleep. These days, I can’t sleep thanks to my roommate’s snoring. Thankfully Plex has action, sports, cooking, news and more streaming 24/7 so I’ve always got something to watch late into the night.

Plex has nearly 200 channels for you to browse through, including seven channels from AMC Networks, including IFC Slightly Off. And if you’re a fan of TWD, Plex is a must-have with The Walking Dead Universe that streams 24/7.

There are endless content rabbit holes to go down, including…

Outdoor America, capturing legendary hunting and fishing adventures.

Game Show Central, which replays classic game show episodes and things like EXTREME dodge ball.

TokuSHOUTsu, a channel that only streams Japanese tokusatsu (think: the original Power Rangers)

The Johnny Carson Network replaying old episodes of The Tonight Show from your grandparents’ era.

Feeling artsy or need to calm down? Tune into The Bob Ross Channel, where it’s exclusively Bob Ross teaching you to paint. Those happy trees are the ultimate in good vibes.

Plex also has a slew of niche sports channels, including MMA TV, the action sports network FUEL.TV, the ACC Network, Fubo Sports Network, Poker Night in America, and more.

And if eSports are more your speed, they have you covered with IGN TV.



What Movies Can You Watch with Plex?

Well, with so much Live TV available, it can’t get much better right? Wrong! Plex has ~40,000 movies and shows available on-demand. That’s even better than the Live TV offering. And I’ll say it again — IT’S ALL FREE!

Want to make your movie night a bit more nostalgic? Plex just added the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to their library this month.

Or maybe you need a good laugh after watching your football team get blown out. In that case, The Terminal or Trailer Park Boys does the trick.

Plex also has more than enough titles to get your heart racing. Escape a zombie apocalypse in Train to Busan, explore the dangers of the Wild West in Django Unchained, or unravel the mystery of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

No matter your mood, Plex’s expansive library has you covered.


How do you watch for free with Plex?

Plex makes it easy. To start enjoying Plex’s expansive library of free movies and shows, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Download Plex on your device – compatible with almost any device (Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire & more)
  2. Start steaming your favorite movies and shows

In a fragmented streaming landscape, Plex is the ideal streaming service to fill all those empty spots. And the fact that it’s completely FREE makes it that much better! Whether you want to tune into some Live TV or watch an on-demand movie, Plex makes it possible at no extra cost! Aside from all their free content, Plex also delivers an inclusive app experience that is great for persona media collections. Get downloading, so you can start streaming!


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