What’s winning the Internet today (03.15.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Weed-Selling Ice Cream Truck

Huffington Post

Hey, you want a marijuana ice cream cone, kid?
Does Your Ice Cream Truck Sell Weed?

Friday Photobombs

The Chive

This will give you some ideas for the weekend.
It’s Friday, You Could Use Some Photobombs (30 Photos)

Notre Dame’s ‘Special’ Unis



Erin Heatherton in Lingerie


Damn but she’s good at her job.
Erin Heatherton Unleashes a Megaton of Lingerie Sexiness

Absurd Sports Ejections

SI Extra Mustard

Larry Sanders’ sayonara recalls other memorable ejections.
The Nine Most Absurd Ejections in Sports History

The Avengers (Power Rangers Style)

Best Pope Francis Memes

The FW

He’s officially the Pope, he has a meme.
The Best Pope Francis Memes and the Only GIF You Need

Dusica Jovicic in Lingerie

Gorilla Mask

I can’t pronounce her name, but she’s posed for Playboy so it’s all good.
Dusica Jovicic (NSFWish)

‘Mommy Bloggers’



Backflip Triple Fail

Clip Nation

Persistence is a noble quality, usually.
Backflip Triple Fail (VIDEO)

Elsa Hosk: Ass Kicker

Busted Coverage

I’d let her hit me anytime.
How Much Would You Pay Elsa Hosk to Kick Your Ass? [13 PHOTOS]

Greatest Hip-Hop Album Covers

Elite Daily

The right album cover can make all the difference.
The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Album Covers of All Time

Tips for Meeting a Leprechaun

Guy Speed

Tip 1. Don’t ask him to fill out your March Madness bracket.
7 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Meet a Leprechaun

Anna Draganska in Lingerie


She will break you.
Model at Midnight: Anna Draganska

Shocking Statistics


You might be better off not knowing these.
16 Shocking Statistics You’ll Wish Were Made Up

Cereal Mascots


Who knew these guys were such troublemakers?
Cereal Mascots: Where are They Now?

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


Honest Movie Posters, Taekwondo Spider-Man, Martha Hunt and more!