Woman arrested for stealing a Bible

When a girl needs a little religion in her life but isn’t looking to shell out dough for a taste of Jesus, what does she do? Steal a copy of the Bible, naturally.

Bible photo by Shutterstock

Police arrested Ashley Fleming after she allegedly used her bad hands to grab a copy of the good word from an Atlanta Barnes & Noble.

Fleming, 23, was caught by police after an arrest warrant was issued following a complaint fron the book chain.

The arrest warrant claims that Fleming grabbed the copy of the book, sauntered over to the counter, then walked straight out of the exit.

Fleming was arrested under charges of misdemeanor petty theft. She was released after posting $1,000 bond.

It’s easy to judge Fleming for what she allegedly did. But clearly she needed that Bible more than anyone. The whole “Thou shall not steal” thing is a pretty big part of the old book. She probably just needs to read it and then she’d get a first class ticket to a pious life.