YouTubers Make ‘World’s Brightest Flashlight’ With 1.4 Million Lumen Shine


I love this video from the Hacksmith.I’ve been getting into tactical flashlights lately and wondering if there was some sort of record out there for the world’s brightest flashlight.

Turns out, now there is!

Given how crazy 2020 is, I keep thinking about what it’d be like to be in the dark and how I need a full arsenal of everyday carry-worthy flashlights, especially in the dead of winter. A couple weeks ago, I ordered my very first tactical flashlight – A Ledlenser P7R Core. This waterproof-flashlight is crazy powerful and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for at least two hours of shine time – At full power, it packs a 1400 lumins to light up the night.

As awesome as my Ledlenser is, it pails in comparison to this incredibly powerful light, which they’re dubbing as the world’s brightest flashlight. The Hacksmith guys loaded this thing up with some of the best and brightest LEDs money could by and installed a lens to channel that ultra light ray.

If you were to take this thing into the desert and turn it on at full shine, I’m pretty sure pilots and aircraft in the immediate area would start freaking out. A light like this borderline a military weapon. It certainly seems more powerful than a lighthouse light. I’m sure in the dark it looks like a UFO tractor beam.

Kind of surprised someone stood in-front of it with it on? Watch the video below to find out.

It’s truly a beam-me-up scottie moment.

I’ll stick to my everyday carry flashlight.

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