Top 10 Worst Travel Habits That Are So Annoying They Make You Want To Jump Out Of The Plane

by 1 year ago


If it seems like the amount of air rage incidents is on the rise it is because they are. In 2017, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that there was a 50% rise last year of air rage incidents. There were 169 passengers who were forcibly confined for bad behavior, ranging from verbal abuse to life-threatening situations such as attempting to storm the cockpit. It could be because humans aren’t made to be confined to tiny areas for several hours, only inches away from complete strangers.

There are plenty of behaviors that are so nerve-racking that they could make someone want to jump out of the plane. Expedia released its Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study and ranked the top 10 worst travel habits by flyers and individuals who stay at hotels. The study surveyed 18,229 people across 23 countries to find the most irritating and infuriating behaviors.

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