WATCH: WWII Veteran Tears Up When Home Rebuilt By Marcus Luttrell And Friends After Hurricane Harvey

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November 11th is Veteran’s Day, a public holiday to honor all of those who served in the United States Armed Forces. Lieutenant Bill Fly is one of the few veterans still alive who served this great nation in WWII. Mr. Fly was here for us when the country needed him most and now a group of Good Samaritans led by Marcus Luttrell are there for Bill Fly when he needed them most. Hurricane Harvey decimated the Houston area, it also devastated Fly’s home in suburban Houston. The damage caused to the 99-year-old’s house was not covered by his insurance, so that’s when people stepped up big time to rebuild Fly’s home that was wrecked by the flooding.

We welcomed Mr. Fly home last night with a big unveiling and 100th birthday party. It was one of the most special moments I've ever experienced. Mr. Fly was so elated he laughed, he cried and he marveled at his new home. He was so excited that he was able to sleep in his bed! Cotton Foundation, THANK YOU, for your employees (they are all amazing) Shain for your 16 hour days to make his happen in time, for EVERYTHING, I just can't name it all. Dozens of companies & thousands of individuals pulled together to make this happen. I didn't have my phone on me most of the night so I'm dependent on everyone else's photos. April, thank you for taking pics of this since day 1! Mr. Fly's face lit up as we walked through each room, and he paid attention to every little thing and wanted to know how it all works. He loved that the thermostat was lowered for better reach but he didn't quite understand the touch screen at first. He loves his new ADA accessible shower, so he can just roll his walker (that he named Tony) straight into the shower. He loved his new furniture from Mattress Mac, his comfy sheets and towels from @junkgypsy every piece of it! He had tears when he saw that his pool table had been restored. It was the only "furniture" from the house that was able to be saved. He loved his landscaping and the rocking chairs we set out front to remind him of the Lazy J. We celebrated his 100 years (his birthday is on Monday) with a beautiful cake in his new kitchen. And then he sat in his new recliner and visited with everyone who came out. At the end of the night, we walked him out to the street to present him with his new car that the Legacy Collective donated! He was shaking and crying he was so thrilled. (Yes he still drives). Tomorrow is Veterans Day… please think of Mr. Fly, and all of the other WWII veterans, the Korean, Gulf, OEF and OIF veterans. We love them all and are so thankful for everyone who serves this country, to make life easy for those of us who want to stay home, safely in the comforts of our homes. <Watch Mr. Fly's home coming on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning.> #Operation100Complete #happy100thbirthday #WWIIVET

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Fly has had a rough couple of months, he lost his wife of nearly 70 years in May, and he lost his house to Hurricane Harvey in August. Thanks to fellow veteran Marcus Luttrell and his organization, Team Never Quit, they not only rebuilt Fly’s home but also stocked it with new furnishings and appliances. Luttrell, who is also a veteran and the inspiration for the book and movie Lone Survivor, and his organization were able to raise over $90,000 in a couple of days to rebuild Fly’s home. “He is going to spend the night in his home again,” said Melanie Luttrell, the wife of Marcsus. “People came from San Antonio, from Dallas, all over to pitch in on this project,” said Luttrell. “It was really cool.” The group, which has a “commitment to honor those who have fallen, stand with those who have survived, and share their stories that we might inspire others to never quit,” set out a goal to rebuild the storm-torn home before Bill’s 100th birthday. With a week to spare, Luttrell and his army of volunteers have accomplished their mission.

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