10 WTF moments from the Golden Globes


Fake teeth, angry celebs, talk of wardrobe malfunctions and a coming out party—the Golden Globes had it all last night. Take a look at these 10 WTF moments.

10 Angry Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones was not amused at all.

9 Quentin Tarantino’s spit take

Yes, totally rehearsed and yet, still hilarious.

8 You mad Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift was the butt of several jokes and as you can see, she didn’t take the criticism well.

7 Glenn Close acting drunk

Either Glenn’s drunk or she’s having a seizure. Either way, she requires medical attention.

6 Lea Michelle’s Angelie Jolie impression


Holy legs Lea Michele.

5 Teleprompter FAIL

You know what? Let’s not complain about seeing Salma Hayek for a few more moments.

4 Amy Poehler with fake teeth


Those are fake teeth!

3 Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig

The comedic highlight of the show which actually led to Tommy Lee Jones’ aneurysm.

2 Jodie Foster’s WTF speech

Jodie Foster came out last night, though most were aware she was gay. Her timing was impeccable as most forgot her date for the evening was Hollywood enemy #1, Mel Gibson.

1 Tina Fey, Amy Poehler are having a threeway with Jodie

Who’s down for a ménage à trois?