For The Fifth Year In A Row The Worst Show On TV Is Also The Most Watched Comedy On Television

The 2015-2016 numbers are out, and for the 5th year in a row the worst show on television took top honors as the most watched show on TV. It didn’t stop there, that abomination of a TV show propelled its network into the top spot this year, besting out ABC, NBC, and FOX to grab top honors in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

That TV show I’m talking about is none other than The Big Bang Theory, and the network of course is CBS. reports:

With three nights to be counted, CBS was poised to win the September-May season in adults 18-49 for just the second time in the past 24 years, according to Nielsen. (The net, which aired the Super Bowl this season, won three years ago as well with the big game, but otherwise hasn’t scaled the top of Demo Mountain since it aired the Winter Olympics in 1991-92).
CBS and NBC would have finished in a virtual 18-49 tie without the Super Bowl in the mix. The Eye took the lead with the Feb. 7 game and won more weeks down the stretch than the Peacock to secure the bragging-rights victory.
CBS also will prevail in its core adults 25-54 demo for the ninth time in the last 13 years, leading NBC by 15% (3.1 to 2.7). And in total viewers, the Eye won by a big 35% margin (10.9 million vs. 8.1 million) for a record-setting eighth consecutive victory and its 13th win in the last 14 years. (This was NBC’s most-watched season without a Super Bowl or Olympics in nine years.)
Looking at some of the network highlights, CBS could claim the No. 1 comedy series in “The Big Bang Theory,” which has now been on top for five straight seasons in 18-49 and six straight in total viewers; in fact, the Eye has had the most-watched laffer for 12 straight seasons. “Big Bang” was also the most-watched scripted program on any network.

Of course with this being a Summer Olympics year NBC is all but guaranteed to win the 2016-2017 cycle, as the Summer Olympics are the most watched event on television. Here’s how the show ratings break down (via Nielsen/Variety):


Variety / Neilsen


Variety / Neilsen

Seriously, how can a show be a ‘comedy’ when there are no actual jokes? If you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching The Big Bang Theory then you know that there are zero fucking jokes in that show, it’s just some character saying something quasi topical and the laugh track getting cranked up to top volume. One of them says something like ‘hurr durr REDDIT NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON hurr durr’ and you’re tricked into thinking it’s a joke, but in fact there was never a single joke said. Don’t believe me? Watch this quick clip:

I get that sitcoms are extremely easy to watch, and they lull you into a sense of security because it’s the same mindless bullshit week after week, but it’s infuriating that The Big Bang Theory continues to be the most watched show on television year after year.

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