Abercrombie Is Getting Rid Of Shirtless Dudes Outside Stores And One Former Model Is Absolutely Pissed

by 5 years ago
Abercrombie & Fitch Open Munich Flagship Store

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For those lucky enough to live in constantly cold weather or in states where Abercrombie & Fitch stores don’t exist (though I’m sure they exist everywhere, unfortunately), the store is ditching their shirtless models. These were dudes paid to stand half-naked outside stores and get people to either enter the store or at least stop and take a photo alongside their abs.

Abercrombie is actually ditching its “sexy” image completely. This means a ton of toned abs are going to be out of a job. One former model showed up on Conan last night to express his displeasure with the recent news.

If the sexy former A&F employee looks familiar it’s because it’s Nick Mundy, star of the hilarious series Nothing To Report with Chris Jericho. You probably didn’t recognize him with pants on.

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