Action Bronson Got Really Stoned And Went Grocery Shopping

by 11 months ago

I can watch Action Bronson get high and do everyday things all day. His TV show on VICELAND, Fuck That’s Delicious, is one of my favorite cable shows, mostly because of its unbridled simplicity: The Queens-born rapper/chef wanders around with his entourage — sometimes high as fuck — and makes ridiculous comments about all sorts of shit: Cuisine. Culture. Making sandwiches. Traveling. Rap. Whatever. The dude is easily one of the best stoners in 2017 pop culture, just like Doug Benson and Abbi from Broad City.

To hype his 4/20 special on VICELAND, the channel debuted a clip of Action going grocery shopping while high with his crew. It’s a reminder that smoking and shopping is never a good idea unless you want a cart full of random ass foods.

Peep Action’s guide to munchies when you’re high on 4/20 here.

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