You’ll Never Guess What This Pervy Old Guy Sang About On ‘America’s Got Talent’ That Made Heidi Klum Shit Bricks

America’s Got Talent is one of those shows I always want to watch but never care enough to remember when it’s on, but on those rare occasions when clips from the show pop up on the Internet I always click them no matter what. The title could be as boring as “A bushel of green beans sits on stage unmoving for 30 seconds,” or even “Nothing happens for 30 seconds and everyone just sits there,” it doesn’t matter. I’ll watch it.

In this case though, we have a rather “surprising” song from an 84 year-old guy playing the piano. I won’t spoil it for you, so just check it out below.

Oh, and if you don’t care about all the erroneous beginning shit, just skip to 1:55. You’re welcome.