Kid Applying For ‘Tonight Show’ Internship Drops Greatest Résumé In History

Apparently, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is on the hunt for a new intern and that’s where this all started. If Jimmy Fallon doesn’t hire this kid named Jake Sirianni after seeing his ‘Alphabet Olympics’ rap résumé then he’s a friggin idiot.

I’m not even hiring but I’d 100% give someone a job if they came to me with a résumé like this one. Frankly, I want to call up The Tonight Show just to ensure this kid’s already got the job because if he doesn’t they need to fire their hiring manager.

So what makes this the single greatest résumé of the 21st century? Well, it’s extremely attention grabbing. It’s such a good résumé that people who don’t care at all whether or not he gets this job are interested in watching his résumé. It’s also targeted directly at the people he’s looking to get hired by. There’s no quicker way to grab Jimmy Fallon’s attention than to actually include him in your résumé in a very novel way. He’s able to show his value to The Tonight Show crew without ever even stepping foot on the stage by inserting himself into a previous sketch playing off ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious.

I will actually be SHOCKED if this kid doesn’t get hired. And if he isn’t picked up by The Tonight Show I can almost guarantee that Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, or Jimmy Kimmel with snatch him up in an instant.

(video via reddit’s r/videos)

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