That Time Amanda Peet Almost Stopped HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ From Ever Happening

Most of us only know actress Amanda Peet from her role in the 2001’s critically acclaimed ‘Saving Silverman’, but fans of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ will be interested to know she’s also married to David Benioff, co-creator/producer of the show.

And as it turns out, if she had her way the show never would have existed. When her husband David first came to her with the idea she immediately dismissed it as garbage. As you can see in the clip below from Conan, she thought it was a “Terrible idea. Like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ but real, with real people.”…As if millions of people wouldn’t watch that concept…

Yes bros, if Amanda Peet had her way the show NEVER would have been made, and we book readers would have been left in the dark telling everyone who’d listen how incredible this book series is about dragons and magic and medieval plot lines set in a real world, with snarks and grunkles, and midgets and zombies…doesn’t that sound awesome? Doesn’t that sound like something you’d be willing to devote hundreds of hours to reading about?

Here she is bashing it on Conan…whose audience tends to skew heavily on the nerdier side:

For more ‘Game of Thrones‘ content be sure to check back soon, because I’ll be writing recaps this season of each episode (as I did last season) for all you non-book readers who needs GIFs and long-winded explanations of everything that just went down!


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