Is There An ‘American Pie 5’ In The Works?

I know I’m the minority here, but I’ve never seen American Pie. Or maybe I did and it wasn’t very memorable aside from starring a Tara Reid who looked more like a human and less like a leathery bag of golf clubs. No hate on Tara Reid, but girl…buy some lotion or something, you’re staring to remind me of beef jerky and you’re only 39.

But Tara probably won’t take my advice since, well, I’m a lowly blogger and she’s making bank off of Sharknado and its sequels. With any luck though, she’ll ALSO be making bank off a fifth American Pie film that’s reportedly in talks. Speaking to KIISFM’s Kyle & Jackie O on Monday, Tara said “there’s actually talks about [a fifth movie], they may be doing it in Las Vegas.”

The Australian radio hosts had asked Tara, who played Vicky in previous films, is she was interested in doing another American Pie flick, with the actress replying a definitive ‘yes…’

Casting the actors to reprise their roles may be difficult though – according to USA Today, Reunion was only able to go ahead thanks to stars Sean William Scott and Jason Biggs convincing the other actors to reprise their roles.(Via)

Would you go see a fifth American Pie movie? The 2012 American Reunion grossed over $230 million worldwide, so you probably would. The only movies people seem to bother paying to watch these days seem to either be sequels or involve superheroes, so American Pie: The Sequel To The Reunion Strikes Back could possibly be alright.

Also, that’s not the actual title – I made that up. Despite having not seen any of the American Pie movies I’d 100% go to see the fifth if that’s the title they decided to run with.

Someone call me, I’m up for negotiating a price since I came up with it.

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