Amy Schumer And Tina Fey Made Out And It Was Hot

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Two of the funniest women in the world kissed, making it the funniest girl-on-girl kiss in human history. And even though it was for show, it still seems like something we need to pause and recognize.

The lip-locking was set in motion after Fey made an unexpected appearance at the Peabody Awards in Manhattan last night to praise Schumer.

Fey praised Schumer for her funny but edgy feminist-centric show, saying in part, “Many people will tell you that you can never ever joke about rape, but it is all about context and point of view, and Amy and the Inside Amy Schumer show’s brilliant sketch about sexual abuse in the military as filtered through violent, combat videogames was inarguably funny and so, so rapey,” Fey said.

She added of the Peabody winner: “Amy Schumer is killing it, as the agents like to say. Usually they are lying. But in this case it is true. Amy is killing it. She is the biggest deal in comedy right now.”

In fact, Fey joked that Schumer’s success was what really prompted her to venture down to lower Manhattan on that thunderstorm-plagued Sunday evening.

“I really wanted to come down here tonight, and in a Madonna kind of way try to like feed off of her youth and maybe suck her soul out in a very awkward, staged lesbian kiss,” Fey explained. “But when I pitched that idea to Amy’s camp, they came back with such an immediate yes that it kind of grossed me out.”

And then, BOOM, a kiss.

For you younger readers, Madonna once kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the same time and it was a really big deal. Great memories.