Ariel Winter’s Baby Voice Is Very Disturbing, I’ll Never Look At Her The Same

Of all the actors and actresses on Modern Family, Ariel Winter’s dominated the news more than any other in the past year or so. Sofia Vergara is arguably still the biggest star on the show, but nobody on that show makes more weekly headlines than Ariel Winter.

She was on Conan last night and discussed her audition for the animated film Smurfs: The Lost Village, a role that had her reading as her normal self. While talking about the role she let leak to Conan that she’s got a creepy ass baby voice that she uses to skeeve out her boyfriend. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at her the same again after seeing this baby voice.

Baby talk and baby voices are never sexy. They’re never funny. The only category baby voices fall into is ‘creepy’, but Ariel Winter’s baby voice transcends that into the ‘creepy as fuck’ realm. Anyway, here she is on Instagram:

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