The ‘Army Of One’ Trailer Features Nic Cage As A Crazy Man Hunting Down Osama Bin Laden In Pakistan

The trailer for what appears to be Nic Cage’s latest masterpiece, ARMY OF ONE, just dropped and it looks incredible. The ARMY OF ONE trailer shows a crazed and depraved American traveling to Pakistan under the direction of God himself (played by Russell Brand) to kill and capture Osama Bid Laden, and this was all based on a true story.

Nicolas Cage very well might be the greatest actor the world has ever known. A case could certainly be made that he’s been in more classic/memorable/blockbuster ‘non-superhero films’ than any other actor, as he’s yet to really cash in on the Marvel/Comic Book Hero craze of the past decade (we’ll pretend like Ghostrider never happened. But he has made quite the career of playing depraved madmen on camera, with memorable characters like identical twin brothers Charlie and Donald Kaufman in Adaptation, Tom Welles in 8MM, Castor Troy/Sean Archer in Face/Off, and the list goes on and on.

My boy Nicky Cage has the chops to play a mad man, and it looks like he’s found his calling in ARMY OF ONE because this is about as senile as we’ve ever seen him on camera, and I cannot wait.

(h/t AV Club)

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