Watch August Alsina And His Crew Try To Beat The Shit Out Of A Promoter At A ‘NON-VIOLENCE’ Concert

august alsina fight promoter


August Alsina, apparently fully recovered from his bout with collapsing and falling off stages, was performing at the State Of Emergency 2 concert on Saturday night in St. Louis when the promoter Loose Cannon Slim must have done something he and his crew didn’t like.

Sources close to Slim tell TMZ by the time punches started flying … security guards for the venue had already detained Slim’s posse following an earlier dressing room scrap with Alsina — so it was never a fair fight.

As for why the fight went down — we’re told double-A was offended he had to perform before the group Migos … because, in his mind, he’s way bigger than the “Versace” rappers.

As you can see from the video, Alsina did land at least one punch on Loose Cannon Slim before it just devolved into what you typically see at a bar during a Cowboys-Packers game.

We also should mention that this concert was being held to promote NON-VIOLENCE with proceeds going to the Put Down the Pistol program. I guess at least no one got shot, so yeah, it was a TOTAL success on that front!

Another look… and yes, that is Fabolous looking on in the from a distance, holding his drink.