Chick Gives Weirdest Contestant Interview In The History ‘Jeopardy!’ — Starts Talking About Japanese Sex



If you were tuned into Jeopardy! last night like I was then you were treated to an extremely unusual episode, one that saw host Alex Trebek go through his usual contestant interviews when the wheels came off.

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When Trebek reached ‘Liz’ he went through the usual motions of ‘what do you do?’ and she proceeded to unleash a cavalcade of verbal diarrhea, talking about her research into the sex habits of Japanese men and how contrary to popular believe they are DEFINITELY laying pipe…Well, kind of, maybe, sorta. It all depends on how you define ‘sex’…Which is a completely asinine thing to say on Jeopardy! where everyone is intelligent and knows that the true definition of ‘sex’ means that two people take off their clothes and have a staring contest, the first person to blink then has to make the other person a western omelette, and that’s the ONLY real definition of sex.

As UPROXX notes, Jeopardy! has long been lacking in the controversial and salacious questions found on Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. I caught an episode of Family Feud last week and one of the questions was ‘Balls That Don’t Bounce’ examples would be ‘meatballs’ or ‘bowling balls’, but one of the chick answered ‘men’s balls’ and it was actually the #3 answer int hat round…This is just not the type of shenanigans you’d ever expect to see on Jeopardy!…until last night.

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(h/t Andrew Roberts at UPROXX)