Bad Lip Reading Just Torched ‘The Force Awakens’ And They Got Mark Hamill To Do Voices

The bros over at Bad Lip Reading just dropped their roasting of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I think this might be the first time that Bad Lip Reading was able to get one of the actual actors from a film to voice parts for one of these videos. They got Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hammill, to lend his voice to this episode of Bad Lip Reading.

If you haven’t seen TFA yet, minor spoiler alert, Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill appears for like two seconds in a weirdly dramatic moment that got lambasted by fans. What’s interesting is Mark Hamill probably got more time in this video than he did in all of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It was nice to see that in memorium to Carrie Fisher at the end, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to ride that Feels Train out of nowhere.

Now, if you’re not caught up on recent Bad Lip Reading episodes you can click that link and see all of the best voice dubs, including their ‘2017 NFL’ video which I’m still laughing over.