FINALLY Someone Cares About Barb’s Disappearance In New ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

Member when Barb disappeared in the first season of “Stranger Things” and no one could give a rats ass not even her own mother? Well it appears that finally the Duffer brothers have seen the love for the Barbara Holland and are addressing her mysterious vanishing.

In a new teaser trailer for “Stranger Things,” newscaster Brenda Wood broadcasts that the teen has gone missing on the fictional 80s news show “Minute By Minute.” The broadcaster said Barb “can really rock a pair of mom jeans” and “absolutely fantastic” glasses.

She also reported on a theft of Eggo waffles at Bradley’s Big Buy mart where shopping carts went flying and the electronic doors malfunctioned.

Will there finally be #JusticeForBarb?

“Stranger Things” season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2017.