Beauty Pageant Runner-Up RIPS Crown Off Winner’s Head, Spikes It Like Gronk

The brawl at the end of the Super Bowl wasn’t the only display of poor sportsmanship over the weekend. At the 60th Miss Amazon beauty pageant in Brazil runner-up Sheislane Hayalla was also not real happy with the results and decided to go Beast Mode on winner Carolina Toledo’s crown.

After initially acting like everything cool and giving Toledo one of those fake beauty pageant hugs Hayalla decided to hell with that nonsense, turned and violently snatched the tiara off Toledo’s head (as well as a few tufts of hair) and then fired it into the ground before bolting the stage.

Why did Sheislane Hayalla do such a thing? Because she claims that Carolina Toledo (the goddaughter of the organizer) bought the title which puts her into contention for Miss Brazil in 2015, telling Globo, “What I did was not on impulse, [it] was to show Manaus, Brazil and the world, that money cannot buy everything. I didn’t do it for me but for other candidates. She didn’t deserve the title.”

TiaraGate, anyone?