25 Bedrooms Every Bro Wanted as a Kid

A Bro's bedroom is his castle, especially as a kid. It is the only place in the house or apartment he can shut out the rest of the world and do what he wants without anyone to tell him no. But not every Bro had a great bedroom growing up.

Some of us had nothing more than a bed and some video games to go with our outdated 13″ TV so imagining a bedroom with bunk beds, sports memorabilia, bikini posters, and cool random radio controlled toys like a friggin helicopter is something most of us spent our childhoods daydreaming about.

But before we dive head first into the deep end, let's take a second to introduce some rules. First off, if the bedroom didn't star in a TV show or movie, it isn't valid. Next, any room can be included, even cartoon ones like Scrooge McDuck's cash vault. Can you imagine that being your bedroom? If it gets anymore badass than that, I don't want to know about it. Finally, the last rule of this list, it has to be awesome. This is as legit as it comes. So enjoy the 25 Bedrooms Every Bro Wanted as a Kid. (We did our best to find photos, not an easy task.)