Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Posed As Mannequins In A Valentino Store Window Because Iconic Fictional Models Have All The Fun

With Zoolander 2 coming out February 12, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appear to have free reign to do whatever the hell they want to promote the movie as long as they think it’s funny. It’s like they wake up and say “what kind of weird shit are we gonna do today?” And then it just happens.

With 11 days to go before the premiere, it’s basically come to the point where we have two good friends trying to stay active and keep themselves busy by making each other laugh in the most unusual ways possible, while at the same time keeping the “buzz” for Zoolander 2 alive and well.

So far, this “strategy” of promoting the sequel in non-traditional ways, like posing as live mannequins in the windows of the flagship Valentino store in Rome, seems to be working exceedingly well.

Just look at these two.

Naturally, everyone in Rome went completely apeshit over the stunt. And just like that, international box office numbers for this flick will sooooooooar.

I think we can all agree that doing ANYTHING to avoid a traditional, cliche-ridden press junket is a brilliant decision.

In the event you happened to miss the latest trailer for the movie — no, not this one — here you go:

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