Here’s The Best Headline About The George Clooney Wedding You’ll See Today

Well, it happened. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin actually had their wedding. Today is truly a day of mourning for bros who had been living vicariously through Clooney for years.

That being said, since Clooney and Alamuddin didn’t get married just once, but twice (the second time in a civil ceremony, while everyone was hungover like a bitch one would assume) news outlets the world over have been covering the wedding as nauseum. However, one site, The Business Woman, broke out, hands down, the best headline of them all. Check it…

And perhaps even funnier, this is how they described the couple’s nuptials…

Amal Alamuddin, a 36 year old London-based dual-qualified English barrister and New York litigation attorney who has long been a high-profile figure in international refugee and human rights law has gone against the trend for professional women in her field and married… an actor.

Well played.

H/T The Daily Dot

George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin image by ChinellatoPhoto/Shutterstock