Here’s All Of The Very Best And Most Impressive Cosplay From Comic-Con 2016 (SDCC)

We wrapped up SDCC 2016 a few days ago but I just came across this music video showcasing all of this year’s best cosplay over on Tastefully Offensive and I knew I had to share it with you bros. Cosplay’s not for everybody, and some people really aren’t into the popular hobby, but for those of you out there who do appreciate some good cosplay then you’ll see in no time just how impressive this is.

People dump thousands of dollars into these costumes and they only get to wear them in public a handful of days each year. Cosplay is one of the things that makes Comic-Con so great, and the sexier side of Comic-Con cosplay has MOST DEFINITELY helped raise the profile of SDCC over the years and make it into the worldwide destination event that it has become.

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