For The Super Bowl Beyoncé And Jay Z Stayed In A $10,000/night Airbnb…The Pics Of This Place Are INSANE

It appears as if Beyoncé got paid A LOT of money by Airbnb to toss up a Facebook photo thanking them for the house that she, Jay Z, and the baby Blue Ivy stayed at outside of San Francisco during Super Bowl weekend. The phone she shared (below) carries the caption ‘It was a Super weekend Airbnb’ and she probably got paid half a million just for the one Facebook post, and not only that I’m guessing that she and her family didn’t pay a dime to stay in this $10,000/night house.

This is without question the most luxurious home rental I’ve seen listed on Airbnb. They (Airbnb) fuckin’ killed it by putting her up in this house and then (probably) leaking the address to E! who in turn shared the listing and photos of the absolutely unbelievable property. And while this house does look like it was decorated by an architect, it’s still one of the most phenomenal properties I’ve ever seen:

Beyonce’s very tame thank you:

The only way I see any of this going wrong for Airbnb is if there’s been a porno already filmed at this Airbnb location and it comes out in the next few weeks that Beyonce stayed in a porn house, or something like that:

Now, without sounding too pompous or snooty let me just say that I’ve stayed in some obnoxiously nice places throughout my life. My parents weren’t rich or anything like that, I just happened to grow up in a part of Florida where there’s an overabundance of rich people and that in turn has afforded me the opportunity to take vacations on friend’s father’s yachts before, and other shit like that. So I’m 100% aware of how luxurious homes can be in the United States (and abroad), but until now I had no fucking clue how nice the rentals available on Airbnb were.

If you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars laying around and want to rent out this Airbnb for yourself then you can find the listing right here.

[h/t VanityFair]