Bill Hader to Star in His Own HBO Show, Which Should Be Terrific

If you didn’t already think HBO knows what the hell it’s doing, this year it gave Mike Judge and John Oliver their own shows, and next year it will do the same with Bill Hader’s. I love Silicon Valley and I don’t hate what Oliver’s doing, but this is the first bit of news that made me audibly say…

Deadline reports that Hader has signed an exclusive development deal with HBO to create and star in a new series for the network. We don’t really know anything about the show yet, including its running time or its format. A sitcom seems the most reasonable, since HBO has never aired its own sketch show—but a sketch show… man. The guy has an incredible track record—he might be one of the most versatile comedians ever on SNL—and I’d love to see what he could do with HBO’s freedom.

And the one Howard Stern called his favorite sketch ever: