5 Book Plots We Might See In Season 6 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones fans who’ve also read the books know that the upcoming season will be a huge turning point for the series – not necessarily because of plot lines, but because the show writers have finally run out of source material to use. Try as he might, George R.R. Martin hasn’t managed to finish The Winds of Winter before the show’s storyline caught up to where he currently is with the books. Martin has, of course, told the show writers how the series is going to end…but that doesn’t mean that the books and the show are going to get there the same way. Already we’ve had Jaime and Bronn fuckin’ around in Dorne which did NOT happen in the books, plus Sansa is now technically married to Ramsay Bolton which, again, did NOT happen in the books.

However, it looks like what initially seemed to be omitted plot lines are now returning: the Greyjoys are most likely coming back with a vengeance, and maybe Jaime will get his ass back to Westeros and start trying to piece the Riverlands back together like in the books. Who knows? We may even get some Lady Stoneheart…JUST KIDDING!

That’ll never happen.