Bradley Cooper Consumed An Insane Amount of Calories To Bulk Up For ‘American Sniper’


Perhaps the best thing I can say about Bradley Cooper’s performance in American Sniper is that you completely forget you’re watching Bradley Cooper. His transformation into Chris Kyle is total. Hell, I barely even worried about the possibility he wouldn’t find Doug before the big wedding.

Part of the the reason he’s so believable as a Navy SEAL is his bulked-up body. And as we’ve learned from every other actor who has gained mass before shooting, it doesn’t just happen by accident.

Cooper adhered to a stomach-busting 8,000-calorie a day diet to pack on the pounds. He also basically turned into a human class dismissal bell, eating every 55 minutes.

I would highly recommend you don’t try a similar routine, unless you also plan on spending four hours a day at the gym. You can’t just eat five pizzas and 24 eggs and expect the magic to happen.

Dudes who do that tend to end up looking more like Fat Mac than an elite killing machine.

[H/T: New York Magazine]