The Cast of Lost Wasn’t Allowed to Talk About Malaysia Flight 370 at Their Reunion

The cast and crew of Lost celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the show’s debut by sitting on a panel at PaleyFest (whatever the fuck that is) this week.

Audience members were allowed to ask questions after the session, except about one specific plane that may or may not have been the inspiration for the show (hey, if that show can have time travel paradoxes, so can this blog post).

Comedian Paul Scheer moderated the panel and introduced the event by telling the crowd, “I know that recent events make it kind of interesting that we’re talking about a mysterious plane disappearance, so let’s not ask questions about that, because it won’t be in good taste.”

Which, why the fuck wouldn’t you be asking them questions about it?? These are the experts. Get Penny. Get her listening station in the Arctic on it. Now! She found the island! She can find the plane!

Wow. Scheer was right. That last paragraph did feel in poor taste. Oh well.

[Via Mediaite]