First Look At Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Team Up In New ‘Central Intelligence’ Action Comedy

by 5 years ago

The first Central Intelligence trailer is here! The odd couple of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart form an intriguing and hilarious team.

Johnson plays Bob, a former overweight nerd who has “blossomed physically” into a deadly CIA operative with the body of The Rock.

Hart plays Calvin, the cool kid from high school who has grown up to become a straight-laced accountant.

The two meet up at their 20 year high school reunion, and now the CIA agent needs the accountant’s particular set of skills to help foil a plot to sell classified military secrets.

Just seeing fat Dwayne Johnson sing En Vogue’s 1992 R&B hit” My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” is worth the price of admission.

The film also stars Aaron Paul, Amy Ryan, Ed Helms, Danielle Nicolet and even singer Bobby Brown who supposedly plays a character named “Gooch Coochie.” Central Intelligence hits theaters June 17th!

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