This Chart Shows Which Pokemon Can Hatch Out Of Each Kind Of Distance Egg In ‘Pokemon Go’

If there’s one thing that grinds my gears about Pokemon Go, it’s that the game only works for me 50% of the time. That blows. If I had to pick a SECOND thing that bothers me, it’s that I walked five kilometers the other day and wound up hatching a male Nidoran, a Pokemon that I already had at least six of already in my party.

Fuckkkkk that. If only there were a way to know what Pokemon could possibly hatch out of each egg – that way, if you were hunting for something specific you’d know which eggs to focus on incubating.

Well thanks to the folks over at you now can, as they’ve created a chart that tells you which Pokemon can possibly pop out of each egg depending on distance:

So that Nidoran I got? Could’ve been an Abra, Diglett, Gastly, Staryu or Rhyhorn, aka I got the shit end of the stick there. Oh well, better get walking on my 10 km egg, but with my luck I’ll end up with a Pinsir instead of a Dratini – fuckers.

[H/T Serebii / Imgur]