This Chart Shows Which Pokemon Can Hatch Out Of Each Kind Of Distance Egg In ‘Pokemon Go’

by 3 years ago

If there’s one thing that grinds my gears about Pokemon Go, it’s that the game only works for me 50% of the time. That blows. If I had to pick a SECOND thing that bothers me, it’s that I walked five kilometers the other day and wound up hatching a male Nidoran, a Pokemon that I already had at least six of already in my party.

Fuckkkkk that. If only there were a way to know what Pokemon could possibly hatch out of each egg – that way, if you were hunting for something specific you’d know which eggs to focus on incubating.

Well thanks to the folks over at you now can, as they’ve created a chart that tells you which Pokemon can possibly pop out of each egg depending on distance:


So that Nidoran I got? Could’ve been an Abra, Diglett, Gastly, Staryu or Rhyhorn, aka I got the shit end of the stick there. Oh well, better get walking on my 10 km egg, but with my luck I’ll end up with a Pinsir instead of a Dratini – fuckers.

[H/T Serebii / Imgur]

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