China Is REALLY Pissed at This Jimmy Kimmel Segment

Except, no: Nearly 60,000 people have now signed a White House petition to “investigate” Kimmel and the segment itself, and there were very nearly protests outside ABC's San Francisco offices. The petition is a real gem: “A sincere apology must be issued,” it says. “It is extremely distasteful and this is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology.”

There's an old Internet adage called “Godwin's Law” which states that, given enough time, every online discussion will make a comparison to Hitler and the Nazis. It took these clowns eight sentences. Nevertheless, ABC has apologized. And the network promises to also cut any clips of the sketch available online. 

Do we have to explain the joke? That kids are cute but dumb, and that any reference to genocide by a little dude with a bowl cut doesn't promote “racial hatred,” but is instead an absolutely ridiculous statement not to be taken seriously? Give me a fucking break.

[H/T: Gawker]