Chris Evans Caught Staring At Elizabeth Olsen’s Boobs Just Became The Hottest Meme Of 2016

At the red carpet premiere for Captain America: Civil War the eponymous hero himself got caught looking. Cameras captured Captain America himself, Chris Evans, staring down the VERY LOOSE top of co-star Elizabeth Olsen (the hot Olsen sister who plays ‘Scarlet Witch’ in the film).

Elizabeth Olsen’s braless pics alone were worth posting here on the site yesterday, but this morning I woke up to see that the world had EXPLODED with memes of Chris Evans staring down her shirt, checking out them tig ol’ bitties. Something really special’s happening here, and I’m comfortable with making the claim that ‘Chris Evans Staring At Elizabeth Olsen’s Boobs’ is on its way to be the hottest new meme of 2016. Once the Internet Wizards got ahold of this pic and started using Photoshop all hell broke loose, and below I’ve included the very best. There are some sexy pics in here, some hilarious memes, and everything in between (some borderline NSFW pics at the very end, but you can handle it). So prepare yourself for anything.

This is the photo that kicked off all the memes:

John Travolta getting in there:

We have to go deeper:

A little GIF action:


Thor is not amused:

A work of art:

Some random memes/Photoshops:

This one made me chuckle:

Why’s she getting so handsy?

Another GIF:

Snake charmer:

The sexiest one of the lot:

And last but not least, The Sistine Chapel of Photoshops:

There are a whole bunch more of these Chris Evans/Elizabeth Olsen memes over on Photoshop Battles, and they keep pouring in minute by minute. So if you want to see the rest you can CLICK HERE to see the full meme thread.