Chris Kyle’s Dad Told Clint Eastwood That He’d ‘Unleash Hell’ If He Disrespected His Son In ‘American Sniper’

Here at BroBible, we’ve been anxiously awaiting Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming film adaptation of Chris Kyle’s autobiography, American Sniper. The project about the late, great Navy SEAL sniper who became the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history in Iraq and Afghanistan is set for release on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, the best thing you’ll read on the upcoming biopic is the interview Kyle’s father, Wayne Kyle, gave exclusively to The Daily Mail. The newspaper caught up with Kyle, who’s still waiting for his son’s alleged murderer to go on trail, at his remote home in Hamilton, Texas. The arrangement itself sounds like something Hollywood couldn’t even script:

When Mail Online contacted him at his remote home in Hamilton, Texas, he directed us to meet him at a nearby gas station.

He was accompanied by a Hamilton County Police officer who checked our credentials before allowing us to proceed.

Mr Kyle’s first question was if we were carrying guns.

When we assured him no, he said: ‘Everyone in Texas carries a gun.’

He said that since the violent death of his son he was not taking any chances.

‘I get crank calls from people asking for Chris. There are people out there who would want to do us harm,’ he said.

When the subject of the film came up, Kyle’s father didn’t hold back, more or less threatening Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper that he’d “unleash hell” if he made a mockery of his son’s war time heroics:

‘I told Mr Eastwood I was not happy that a film was being made about my son, but they were very respectful and told me they would tell the truth.

‘They both looked me in the eye and told me they would not do anything to harm my son’s reputation.

‘I told them I would unleash hell on them if they did anything to disrespect my son.’

Mr Kyle, a retired telecoms worker, said Eastwood and Cooper said he would be proud of the film and its portrayal of Chris.

He said: ‘I liked them both. The fact that they came to Texas to meet with me showed they were serious about what they were going to do.

‘I liked Mr Cooper. He was very respectful and honest and so was Mr Eastwood.’

Mr Kyle has yet to see the film but has been invited to a special screening ahead of its release by Hollywood studio Warner Bros.

He admits he has mixed feelings about the film as seeing his son come to life on the big screen will bring back so many memories and emotions.

‘I know it is going to be hard to see Chris, or someone playing him, up on the screen,’ he said.

‘Of course I know the story that is going to be told, but even so it will be difficult to watch.

‘My main concern has always been that the film will disrespect his honor and all that he did while he was serving in Iraq.

‘I know Mr Eastwood will not do anything to harm my son’s memory or alter the fact that he was a hero.’

This just makes us more excited than we already were to see a film that’s sure to kick up a lot of emotions.

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