If You Plan To Make A Love-Making Mixtape For Your Lady, Do The OPPOSITE Of What Chris Pratt Did

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Since Chris Pratt is now synonymous with mixtapes thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy (as well as being the guy with the cut butt cheeks), this story definitely makes some sense. It didn’t end well for him, but still, it makes sense.

On Monday night’s episode of The Late Show as Pratt and Stephen Colbert were discussing the movie’s sweet soundtrack the topic turned to mixtapes.

Colbert asked Pratt if he’d ever made one for a family member, kind of like his mom did in Guardians.

“I did once. I did one for my brother first, and it was an ’80s mix and it was called Guess You Had to Be There, and it was a bunch of songs that just worked,” said Pratt. “I knew they would conjure up the same memories and they’d be sentimental for him the way they were for me and so meaningful.”

Naturally, this success went to his head and he declared himself “the mixtape guy” and thus decided to create another one — a sexy, love-making tape for his wife, Anna Faris.

However, this time it didn’t go quite the way Pratt had hoped.

“I was thinking in my head, this is going to be our love making mix, you know? And the first song I put was Al Green,” recalled Pratt. “She was kind of looking at me and I could tell right away big miss. She was like ‘Who are you? You don’t listen to Al Green. What are you trying to pull? We’re already married it’s cool.’ That was the first and only song we got through and I threw it away I was so embarrassed.”

Turns out that, despite his embarrassment, he kind of had to agree with her, saying, “For me it’s the wrong humping tempo. I need some EDM…no, just kidding.”

Riiight…kidding. I feel you, bro.

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