Have You Seen The Smoking Hot Chick In The Carl’s Jr. Cod Fish Sandwich Commercial?

Carl’s Jr. and Hardees has done it again. I’m not talking about their sandwiches, those are great and all, but the women in their commercials are dime after dime after dime. Cyndi Lauper should write a song called Dime After Dime but hook up with like Flo Rida to make it popular and listenable.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have a new sandwich, the cod fish sandwich made with Red Hook ESB. It sounds good. It looks good. The girl in the commercial, however, looks delicious and yes that was supposed to sound super creepy.

So who’s the hot girl in the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s cod fish sandwich commercial? Her name is Lauren Young.

She’s originally from Philadelphia but has since moved on to model and post an Instagram page hotter than a Carl’s Jr. grill.

[H/T: Who Is The Hot Ad Girl?]