Someone Combined ‘Rick And Morty’ With ‘Pokemon Go’ To Create The Most Hilariously F’d Up Video I’ve Seen In A While

Alright so while this is TECHNICALLY a video, there isn’t anything to actually watch – it’s really just an audio recording, but saying “LOLOL listen to this audio recording!” doesn’t have the same “zing” as saying “Watch this video!” does, so sorry for the white lie – it was for your own good.

We’ve got almost another year until season three of Rick and Morty premieres (March 2017, sadly), but in the meantime people have been creating their own fan interpretations of the show to hold them over. For example – why can’t Rick and Morty discover a world full of Pokemon? Which brings us to the above video, conceived in an /r/gaming thread and voiced by diligent Redditors trying to do their best Rick/Morty impersonations. It’s not perfect, but goddamn is it close.

[Via Reddit]