Conan Skewers Apple’s New AirPods With A Spot-On Parody Showing How Goddamn Stupid They Are

When Apple announced they were requiring users of the new iPhone 7 would be forced to use their new, proprietary wireless earbuds called AirPods here was pretty much everyone’s reaction…

So yeah, they weren’t exactly well-received.

Some people even hearkened back to one of Apple’s old commercials which, as you will remember and can see below, heavily featured that fact that, yo, their earbuds have wires!

Well, leave it to Conan O’Brien to also remember that ad and use it to perfectly spoof just how idiotic these new Airpods are…

That GIF pretty much sums it up in a nutshell, but here’s the entire parody because fuck Apple and their AirPods.

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