Conan Is The Best Or Worst Boss Ever And Takes Employee To Taco Bell Headquarters

The best thing that a boss has ever done for me is fire me from my shitty dead-end job. However Conan is a better boss than I’ve ever had.

Chris Hayes is Conan‘s IT guy who eats Taco Bell three to four times a week, which means that Chris here spends a lot of company time on the shitter. Despite Chris clogging up several crappers at work, Conan rewarded him with a tour of the Taco Bell World Headquarters in Irvine, CA.

While on the tour, Conan and Chris got to get a sneak taste of new menu items, watched people do a taste test (which looked more like a perverted peep show window) and pitch their own food ideas for Taco Bell. Conan showed off his culinary innovation called the “O’Taco,” which is a taco made of cabbage, mashed potatoes, corned beef and a special sauce of Guinness beer.

There’s even a Taco Bell museum that features a brick from the very first Taco Bell “restaurant.”

As far as viral marketing goes, this was the shit.