Conan O’Brien Visits YouTube’s Cutting Edge VR Lab And The Adult Video Implications Of This Are Incredible

Conan O’Brien took some time this week to visit YouTube’s cutting-edge Virtual Reality Lab located at the Google/Apple offices in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market. Like myself, Conan sees that there is a world of unimaginable possibilities in the porn industry once you factor in Virtual Reality.

Based on this clip, it appears as if YouTube was fully expecting a serious interview from Conan about the latest advancements in the field of VR but what they got was a Conan O’Brien who is very, VERY interested in the porn implications of VR.

I’ll be honest with you, the entire time I was watching Conan dick around at YouTube’s Chelsea Market loft office all I could think was ‘sure, VR porn will be great one day but holy shit these graphics are atrocious‘. That fake kitchen and bogus boxing ring look like something you’d see in a 1997 advertisement for AOL, it’s complete dog shit.

If the tech world wants me to take VR seriously they need up the graphics and they need to do it now. Because with the way things are now I have zero interest in shelling out $$$ for VR that looks like this.