According to a Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory, a Justin Bieber Look-Alike Was the Guy Smoking Weed

Robin Verrecas (pictured above) lives in Belgium. He's 18. He won the genetic lottery by looking exactly like the most popular man on Twitter, Justin Bieber. Bieber's Belgian doppelganger also dresses just like the Biebs, making him almost indistinguishable in appearance. That's why a small faction of Bieber's Bielber fans now believe Verrecas was the one smoking a blunt in TMZ's infamous photo from January 2nd.




One fan even went to the extent of making an entire diagram pointing out why Bieber's blunt photo is fake. Cited are Bieber's tattoos and a blonde girl that resembles someone who appears in Verrecas' photos. Verrecas, however, is adamantly denying the accusations it was him:



In other news, people who have time to come up with half-baked conspiracy theories over a pic of someone smoking weed should probably get a hobby. If you care at all about Biebs smoking weed, that's just sad .If your hero-worship is so rabid that you need to make up stories about a look-alike being photographed smoking weed, you have WAYYYYY too much time on your hands.

But, this would be a badass song for Bieber to cover. Make it happen:

[H/T: HuffPo]

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