Coolest Wife Ever Chrissy Teigen Took Her Husband Out To See ‘Other Boobs’

chrissy teigen

One of our favorite models in the world, hell, favorite women period, Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend celebrated their first anniversary the other day and for a present Chrissy took her singer husband to a burlesque show so he could, as she put it, “see other boobs.” (This is why we want Chrissy to get her own daytime talk show.)

Teigen even captured the gift in a photo for posterity with the caption, “Took John to see other boobs for our anniversary to make up for the 364 days of the year I’m insufferable (ps they are insanely talented and not just boobs).”

So who’s the cooler wife now? Chrissy or the defending champion Olivia Wilde for taking Jason Sudeikis to a strip club to celebrate their engagement? (Keep in mind, Sudeikis said he lost a ton of weight because of all the sex he was having.)

Before you decide, there’s also this…