‘Straight Outta Compton’ Star Corey Hawkins Is The New Jack Bauer In ’24’ Spinoff Series

Corey Hawkins just came straight outta’ Compton to star as the lead in the ‘24’ reboot, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Hawkins will play the part of Eric Carter, a war vet whose return to the US serves to set off a minefield of consequences; and alongside a female lead who hasn’t been cast yet.

Corey Hawkins played Dr. Dre in ‘Straight Outta Compton’ with the kind of presence, range, and veracity that will rebrand any actor from a mere name on a on a closing credits roll, to the reason anyone would spend 10 bucks to see a movie in theatres. Hawkins is that good. The kid IS fire.

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Dana Walden, Fox Television’s chairman announced on the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this month that diversity is everything for this reboot; “As you can imagine, bringing 24 back, we want to really try to create some distinction and make this feel different than Jack Bauer’s 24, so having a diverse actor in that lead role I think would be helpful in doing that.”

Hawkins is a young star fast on the rise. With a recurring role as Heath in ‘The Walking Dead’ and an upcoming part in the upcoming ‘King Kong prequel Skull Island’ (fuck yes), he’s only just getting started, and hell if he’s looking out on a horizon full of promise, champagne, and caviar.