This Is What One Of The Always-Helmeted Daft Punk Guys Looks Like Without His Helmet On

You’ll never see the two guys behind Daft Punk in public without their signature robot helmets on, just like how you’ll never see Lindsay Lohan without some white powder caked up on the inside of her nose or Kim Kardashian without at least 40 layers of makeup and 6 layers of spanx to keep her body from exploding out of her clothes. So go buy a lottery ticket and throw out your rabbit’s foot, because today’s your lucky day: the folks over at Uproxx found a movie where Thomas Bangalter, aka ½ of Daft Punk, appears without his helmet on.

I would be more excited for this if I actually listened to Daft Punk, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still curious as to what these dudes look like.

The film is called Reality and stars Jon Heder (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) as well as Bangalter’s wife, Elodie Bouche. Here’s the clip that shows his face (he’s the one with the newspaper):

[H/T Uproxx]