David Bowie’s Son Reveals How He Told Him He Was Going To Be A Grandpa And Ground Control To Major Feels

Ugh. David Bowie’s passing isn’t getting any easier. It’s been a month and every day another new piece of info leaks out that not only makes his untimely passing more tragic but makes the world miss him even more.

Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s only son, announced on Twitter Wednesday that the rock legend knew he was going to be a grandfather before he passed away in January. Jones revealed the way he told the ailing Bowie and, dear God, there’s possibly Ziggy Stardust in my eyes because they won’t stop tearing.

Jones drew a picture and put it in a Christmas card to his dad. Here’s the photo…

Let’s just hope this put a big smile on the old’s man face in those last painful days.

Remembering David Bowie, Rock Icon

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