Throwback To The Time David Bowie Owned A Bratty Fan On His Message Board, One Year After Bowie’s Death

I’ll never forget January 10, 2016. I felt a deep cosmic sadness when I heard about the world losing David Bowie in the wee hours of that winter morning. Instead of going to bed, I threw on my jacket and went for a little walk around my block in the East Village, just feeling… low. And sad. And thinking about all the times in college my friends and I would wear through LPs of Life and Death Of Ziggy Stardust and Heroes and watch the iconic Flight Of The Conchords Bowie episode.

Mourning celebrity deaths is always weird, but losing Bowie hit in the gut — Like the earth lost someone who used their existence to make art that brought happiness to so many people.

That was a year ago today, which would have also been The Starman’s 70th birthday. Along with his deep catalog of music, there are still plenty of cool little anecdotes about Bowie out there to help us remember his legacy. I’m particularlly fond of this one shared by The Guardian’s @AliCatterall.

Bowie used to lurk on his own fan message boards, occasionally going in on a chirpy, ungrateful fan.


Ohhh, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am!

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