The ‘Deadpool’ Poutine Chimichanga Is A Real-Life Dough Mountain, And Will Be The Super-Staple Of Your Future Feast Modes

‘Deadpool’ drops in a few days, but anyone with a big enough set of stones or just like an absurd appetite, can enjoy this sick puppy from Cantina Dos Segundos in Philadelphia. Obviously not everyone reading this is going to be from Philly, but we can all hope that this monstrous pile of ‘Deadpool’ inspired grub is going to inspire our local cantinas to put out an absurd rendition on the dish–especially after watching the film in theaters February 12th. The dish even comes vegetarian-friendly, and subs the spare rib for some tofu–not that I’ll ever be able to understand why any of you tree-hugging, green-eyed jabronies would submit yourselves to willingly eating cubes of discolored silly putty.

All in all, chimichangas are by default one of the better things available for consumption on this strange planet that we call home. This weekend amidst any booze-soaked escapades, I’d recommend you try and hunt down any restaurant, any cantina, that’s offering up some sort of Deadpool-inspired chimichanga-cause that shit’s about to be poppin.